Monday, January 2, 2012

Vegan (1/2/12)

Many of you know that I spent some time in 2011 fighting issues with my gallbladder. After completing an 8-week juice fast and dropping 55 pounds, it seemed as if my health issues were behind me. Unfortunately, that doesn't quite seem to be the case.

Since completing her juice fast, Maria has been eating 100% vegan. I, on the other hand haven't been quite as committed. Traveling makes it easier to excuse away bad behavior. We spent the long weekend over New Years in Camarillo, Los Angeles and Burbank. I did buy a salad and fruit on the train, but they gave us chips, trail-mix, cookies and wine. Add in a few beers for good measure, and I was on my way to a serious shock back to reality. We had a great vegan meal in Burbank on New Year's Eve - complemented with a massive assortment of California craft beers. You get the picture.

I started feeling the effects early this morning - the sugar, the dairy, the processed foods - all of the things I've been so good to avoid for three months. So today it was back to plant-based eating and water. Still not nearly back to 100%, but this too shall pass.

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