Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Accepting (1/10/12)

Today I returned to the real world. Sure, there was the quick visit to the Rite-Aid last night but it's not the same. I was annoyed last night, leaving the cocoon of the hospital room for the hustle and bustle that is San Diego. I thought maybe I had just gotten used to having everything taken care of for me - I didn't have to think about a thing! But what I found was it was more about being away from the noise, the traffic, everyone in their one mindset on their personal mission to get somewhere or do something. The hospital strips all of that away. It really de-stresses life like you can't do otherwise.

We only went out for a short trip to Trader Joes and Sprouts, and didn't drive by the actual Hillcrest sign so I snapped the picture of the Trader Joes' rendition of the sign.

I love where we live. Getting out and about always makes me realize why we moved here - not just to San Diego, but to Hillcrest. It's about acceptance. Hillcrest welcomes all kinds. It's called "the gayborhood" but it's really more than that. Perhaps it's evolved in the 10 years since we first moved here. But Hillcrest was, is and likely always will be accepting and welcoming. That's why we call it home. It doesn't matter where you're from, what color your skin is, what your sexual orientation is. There's room for you here, and that's why we live here.

We've looked at other neighborhoods and there are a LOT of great neighborhoods in San Diego which we would live in. The problem is, none of them are Hillcrest!

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