Sunday, January 1, 2012

Irony (1/1/12)

Today begins a new year. I loved the idea of a "photo blog", a pic-a-day. Since the thought crossed my mind this afternoon, I'll make every effort to follow through this time. I chose today's picture as our taxi cab was taking us from our hotel to Union Station in LA. When I got home I learned some of the backstory of the monument.

The picture above is of Father Serra Park, across from Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles. The memorial on the right of the photo is The Eugene A. Obregon Congressional Medal of Honor Memorial, which was built to honor those who have been awarded the Congressional Medal of honor, with special emphasis on people of Hispanic descent.

The site of the memorial is in old Chinatown, where the Chinese massacre of 1871 occurred which is why some questioned the location of this memorial.

I found irony for a different reason: The homeless people in the park. We continuously ignore the growing homeless population in our country. Many people don't know this but there are more homeless veterans in San Diego than anywhere else in the country, followed closely by Los Angeles. There are over 8000 homeless veterans on the streets of Los Angeles.

The ruling class in this country wraps themselves in the flag, exhibits faux patriotism telling us to support the troops. It apparently ends the moment they return from battle.

Until the day comes when our "leadership" finally wakes up, thankfully there are organizations such as Veterans Village of San Diego to take care of what our Government refuses to acknowledge.

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