Friday, October 11, 2013

Today's public service. Here's a summary of the news:

Government is still shut-down. We hit the debt ceiling in six days.

2M Government workers just got their pay statements, a little over half of what they actually earned.

Aviation safety professionals held a rally on Capitol Hill calling for an end to the #shutdown. The motorcade of Congressional leaders leaving their White House meeting passed right by the rally.

The air traffic control system is reaching a state of "yellow", meaning that in the 11th day of the furlough of those workers who maintain the equipment necessary to do my job, we're approaching a state where the system is stretched beyond its limitations.

House R's want to take away Treasury Dept ability to reinvest the Gov't money when we're bumping up against the ceiling - an idea that benefits those who love to take our Gov't hostage and no one else, quite frankly.

The markets responded positively to news that talks over a budget deal *may* be thawing. Anyone who thinks the #shutdown isn't having an impact, have you checked your 401K recently?

Elisabeth Hasslebeck thinks cell phones and air conditioning are the "ugly side of welfare".

Glenn Beck thinks we should physically abuse our children until they believe in God.

Ted Cruz called birth control "abortifacients".

Happy Friday everyone!

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