Saturday, October 12, 2013

On the myths I've been reading lately regarding the Affordable Care Act

I personally went to the website - - and was able to navigate it with no issue. If your state has set up their own marketplace (i.e.: CA, OR, WA, NY, KY, ID, MN, CO, NM, NY, MD, MA, RI, CT) it's different and perhaps a bit easier than the states that refused and are using the federal marketplace. It's still not that difficult and the website is working just fine.

The individual mandate was the brainchild of The Heritage Foundation - a right-wing think-tank, and was embraced by Governor Romney as a centerpiece of health care reform in MA.

The ACA is not socialized medicine. The Government does not provide health care nor control the costs. Insurance is purchased from marketplaces where private companies compete for your business.

As of January 1st, preexisting conditions will no longer prevent you from obtaining health care. This is huge for millions of Americans. The Government rolled out a pilot program earlier this year where 100,000 people with preexisting conditions obtained coverage.

Congress is not trying to protect you from a bad law, from Socialism or from something bad for you. They are trying to protect corporate interests. Period. You and I are pawns in this. They couldn't care less about us. It's all about their sugar-daddies that keep them in office.

If you liken the ACA to slavery in ANY way - that is to say, if you think it's like slavery, as bad as slavery or that the law can be changed because slavery used to be the law as well, take a seat at the kiddie table while the adults talk. You also may want to start cutting the pills in half.

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