Friday, October 4, 2013

Day 4: America Held Hostage

In case anyone feels as if the Gov't shutdown isn't having an impact: One Congressman said it's a "few million". It's actually estimated at $12.5 million per hour.

1 million essential Government workers are on the job and will not get paid for work performed after October 1st until the shutdown ends. My personal experience: the talk at work is how people are going to manage without one or two paychecks, whether the bank will take an IOU for the mortgage or car note. Just what I want - air traffic controllers separating airplanes with concern over paying their bills in the forefront of their minds.

Yes, we're professionals and we go to work and do our best work regardless of the circumstances. We still kick ass for the flying public, just like the other 985 thousand that are working for an IOU. Sure, I will eventually get paid - unlike the 800 thousand furloughed Government workers who may or may not. It's just not a very good feeling to have this dangling over our collective heads. I'm not angry at the hatred and vitriol towards us who work for the Gov't. They're blinded by their ideology and hatred of the POTUS. They'll lie about anything to further their agenda, which is, was and always will be to make sure this President is not successful. We're just the middle man.

I am greatly disappointed in my Agency, and they have forever lost my trust. They had an opportunity to work with my Union and show us what true collaboration is all about. Instead, they did just the opposite, harkening back to the days where we lived under imposed work rules rather than an agreement that was collectively bargained. We don't need a "partner of convenience".

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