Friday, March 7, 2008

Web Based Office Applications (for my Instructional Tech Class)

Online office applications are very useful educational tools, as they allow educators to share information with students without having the students purchase expensive software. It also keeps the instructor from having to upload documents in multiple formats and allows students and instructors alike the ability to retrieve and edit office files from any computer with internet access.

Web based office applications also allow students to collaborate on a paper or project from their homes, libraries or a computer lab. This saves valuable classroom time for instruction while still giving students an opportunity to work together on a project.

I recently created the embedded presentation, The History of NATCA, for my Union Administration class. I intend to utilize it for the basic representation class that I am designing. It can also be found at this link:

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emmi said...

2 impressive things: 1st the concise overview and history of air traffic control and the NATCA union, 2nd the web-based Office application, allowing me to view the entire presentation without Power Point or having to download software. Nice!