Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I have been ready for a change in direction since January 20, 2001. To tell you the truth, as soon as the votes were not counted in November 2000, I was ready. No one, including me could have been prepared for the rollercoaster we've ridden since then.

Organized labor has been in the crosshairs of corporate America with this administration happily leading the charge. We were no exception. This President put together the most anti-worker, anti-union, anti-flying public and anti-American group they could find to break our union, to steal out wages and steal the pride we have in our profession. They ushered many of my brothers and sisters to the door, firing many and forcing others into early retirement.

Today, the safety of the flying public hinges on the next occupant of the White House. Senator Barack Obama stood up for us like no other politician did. While he certainly wasn't the only politician to step up, he was our champion. During the 109th Congress, Senator Obama introduced S 2201 Federal Aviation Administration Fair Labor Management Dispute Resolution Act of 2006. He spoke passionately about us, the safety of the flying public and the sacred process of labor-management relations. He talked about giving the us a fair chance. He took our case to the White House on our behalf.

While others are friends of ours, Senator Barack Obama is a brother. Senator Obama gets it like few others do, and we need him as our next President. Friends and family, brothers and sisters, Senator Barack Obama is the right person to bring forth the change in direction this country needs. It is with great pride that I proudly endorses Senator Barack Obama for the office of President of the United States!! Now let's get down to the business of getting the good Senator elected!


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It's about time you ventured into the blogmosphere....I look forward to your writings. Excellent 1st blog.